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Hear u r finally where u should b 4 u'r botherings...
I made this Blog out of my own experience when i completed my 10th, I don't know what r d colleges available to us. So I, in the interest of my coming juniors made this blog to make it easy 4 them.
This is for u my dear brother n sister"!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, January 4, 2010


St.Francis College For Women, Secunderabad
Wesley Jr.College For Boys, Secunderabad
Tagore's Home Jr.College, Secunderabad
Railway Jr.College, Secunderabad
Govt.Jr.College, Secunderabad
Wesley Jr.College For Girls, Secunderabad
Kasturba Gandhi College (W), Secunderabad
Indiragandhi Jr.College For Girls, Secunderabad
Deccan Jr.College, Secunderabad
New Govt.Jr.College, Secunderabad
Guruswamy Women's Christian Jr.Collegetarnaka, Secunderabad
St.Mary's Centenary Jr.College, Secunderabad
Little Scholars Co-Op Jr.College, Secunderabad
Lukkakula Co-Op. Jr. College, Secunderabad
Gujarati Seva Mandal Jr.College For Girls, Secunderabad
R.G.R.Siddanthi Jr.College For Girls, Secunderabad
Viswa Chitanya Jr. College, Secunderabad
Ken Jr.College, Secunderabad
Sri Sai Vignan Bharathi Jr.College For Girls, Secunderabad
Viswa Jyoti Jr.College, Secunderabad
Little Flower Jr.College, Secunderabad
St.Judes Jr.College For Girls, Secunderabad
S.S.N.R. Jr.College, Secunderabad
St.John's Church Jr.College, Secunderabad
National Jr.College, Secunderabad
Mahbub Jr.College For Boys, Secunderabad
St.Ann's Jr.College For Girls, Secunderabad
Iso Jr.College, Secunderabad
St.Joseph's Jr.College, Secunderabad
A.P.S.W.R.Jr.College For Girls, Secunderabad
Sinduja Jr.College, Secunderabad
Bhavan's Sri Aurobindo Jr.College, Secunderabad
Govt.Jr.College For Girls, Secunderabad


Please note that the list of above colleges are correct from our best knowledge. If you see any error, please do let us know. This list is provided only for personal use.


  1. Useful list... Thanks for sharing the information.You can check the profiles of all intermediate colleges at Enrolment Desk even.